YouTube Custom URLs may act differently now

Back in December of 2014 I shared a post pointing out that if you have a custom URL for Google+, then you also now have a custom URL matching that for youtube, things have changed again a bit

+Peggy K does a great job trying to explain the extremely complicated situation that we and YouTube find ourselves in.

You might want to check your Shorthand URLs for YouTube to be sure yours works as you'd expect it to!

Read the tips here in the G+ post made by Peggy, and get a bit more of the details by clicking through to her blog post.
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Originally shared by +Peggy K

YouTube shorthand URLs now based on new-style custom URLs

If your new-style /c/ custom URL is different than your channel's old /user/ custom URL, make sure the old shorthand vanity URL does not redirect to the wrong channel!

If your YouTube channel has a new-style custom URL like

You can now reach your channel using the shorter version: (no /c/)

But if your channel also has a /user/ URL that is different than the /c/ URL, the old shorthand vanity URL based on that /user/ URL may now land you on a different channel.

Here is how that can happen, using a real-life example of two channels:

Old-style custom URL:
custom URL: NONE

Old-style custom URL:
custom URL:
(because it is connected to

The shorthand URL
used to direct to

Now the shorthand URL
directs to
(which is also

The old shorthand URLs will still direct to the same channel if no channel has set the equivalent /c/ custom URL

The shorthand URL
still directs to

That is presumably because there is currently no channel using

Complicated? yes!
So check your channel URLs today!

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