YouTube AutoPlay – coming to a screen near you!

As Facebook seems to really push how many video views they are causing with videos uploaded to FB (due to autoplay), YouTube has decided to play that same game. This post speaks to how Marketers can possibly make their 'other videos' tag-team in the new auto-play world.

+Greg Jarboe writes up some good advice re. how adjusting your Meta Data (read Titles, Descriptions & Tags) can possibly influence which videos are chosen as "related" and thereby have a better chance at joining the Autoplay feature.

Those of us that have been poking at YouTube for a while were aware of these ideas in order to try to get our videos 'related' to each other, but now there is another reason to apply these tactics. This post does a great job explaining what to try.

Another post to check out on the YouTube Autoplay changes is from the same SEM Post website:
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How Marketers Can Influence the YouTube Autoplay Feature – The SEM Post
As The SEM Post reported yesterday, YouTube has turned autoplay on to begin streaming a new video seconds after the previous one finishes. YouTube has been testing the autoplay feature since early December 2014, but it actually leverages the “Related Videos” section, which has been a significant source of views for many channels as far …