Your Business & Google+… ways they work together

Read this article to see the various ways different kinds of businesses can take advantage of the Marketing Power Google offers via Google Plus.

+Stephan Hovnanian does a great job of laying out the goods here. Nice breakdown of business type and the areas each can utilize best within Google plus.
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[NEW] How to Use Google+ in YOUR Business

The tricky part of online how-to articles is who they're positioned to help. Is it the personal brand? The local business? The enterprise?

Not all marketing techniques or platform features are best suited for every type of business, and my latest includes advice that pulls from real examples and interviews of:

► Consultants, Coaches, Solopreneurs
► Local businesses
► SMB (small to medium sized business)
► Enterprise business

You'll also get a high-level view of how to Teach Google about your business using Google+ and How Google+ is a Content Marketing Toolbox from my contribution to the new book, Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.

Special thanks to everyone mentioned or cited in the article for their outstanding contribution to Google+ (in order of appearance):

+Stone Temple Consulting​​ +Steady Demand​​ +Kieren McGovern​​ +The Social Media Hat​​ +Laurie Laizure​​ +Interior Design Community​​ +Christina Blount Presnell​​ +David Amerland​​ +Mark Traphagen​​ +Denise Wakeman​​ +Lany Sullivan​​ +Ronnie Bincer​​ +David Kutcher​​ +Confluent Forms LLC​​ +Bill Gassett​​ +Bernard Katz Glass​​ Ltd​​ +MarketingProfs​​ +Black Lotus​​ +NOD3x​​ +Unbounce​​ +T-Mobile​​

How are you using Google+ for YOUR business?

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