Work from home or a small business not big enough for Holiday Parties?

Well why not have a party with others Virtually?

We are having a Christmas/Holiday party Today for 2014 online and You Are Invited… This Hangout on Air tool made by our friends at Google+ is a great way to join into the festivities. We start at 12pm EST.

Party Time Event Page:
YouTube Video:

Comments on the Event Page or via the YouTube video that the HOA creates will be brought right on screen during the live party time. If you are a current or former member of the Hangout Mastery group, then you'll be invited to join into the filmstrip any time there is an opening.

We'd love for anyone to join in via comments to be part of the event. If you are interested in joining the friendly helpful bunch of HOA'ers to learn about and keep up with Hangouts, visit this page for info and special pricing:
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