What is a Hangout on Air Event – and why should I care?

We Hangout on Air (HOA) Hosts take advantage of HOA Events all the time. This 3 min. video helps explain why.

The HOA Event is a great place for people to gather to watch a show. It is a lot like a Movie Theater you'd go to with your friends. There is a lot more to it and I do my best to explain that in this short video.

Once you view HOAs in Events, you'll want to watch more
When HOA Events are done well, it will be a wonderful Interactive Viewing Experience!

Once you start attending HOA Events you'll get invited to a lot more of them. If you want to learn how to control the notifications you may start getting, you'll want to watch a HOA Event on that topic that will be live Feb. 5, 2015 or visible as a recording afterwards. Here's the link to that Event: http://goo.gl/1FBV53

HOAs are a wonderful way to communicate your message!
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