What is a Google+ Hangout on Air & Why is it Good for Business?

This is a great starting point for those not familiar with the power and use of Hangouts on Air and other Hangout Related tools.

+Mike Allton writes up a useful article here on the basics of what Hangouts on Air (HOA) are and how they can be useful for your business. He includes a couple videos that were created via the HOA tool as examples (I'm proud to have made one of them).

He also includes a more advanced tip in the midst of the post regarding a common issue people (new and experienced) have with Hangouts or HOA… how to avoid staring at the filmstrip (or actually how to deal with that common activity).

Take the 4 minutes to read this post and pass it along to others that are new to Hangouts & HOAs. They'll thank you for it.

For those interested in taking Hangouts to the next level, check out the helpful engaging membership called Hangout Mastery at www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery

Thanks again for the kind references +Mike Allton… looking forward to your follow-up articles too!
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What Is A Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA), And Why Is It Good For Business? – The SiteSell Blog
Google Hangouts on Air are a fantastic free tool to market your business and create great video content remarkably easy.

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