Video for many is preferred… study shows improved conversions

You'll most likely want to keep the video content short in order to keep the attention of the viewers, but there are some interesting numbers here re. how video helps with website conversions.

If you are using Hangouts on Air to create your video content, don't forget the concept of slicing and dicing that longer video into smaller segments… use them on your website to see how well they help support your site's efforts.

Here's a nice quote from the article re. Trust:
If you feature yourself or company employees in the video, the trust factor is raised significantly.

Thanks to +Andrew Broadbent for the post.
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Using Video Content Marketing can Double Brand Engagement, Website Conversions Rates and ROI

This is a guest post I wrote on a New York #videoproduction company's site #17production .
A recent study conducted by eye view digital, a personalized video solutions provider shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversions by over 65%. Another recent case study was conducted by the research group Aberdeen, which polled over 1000 digital marketing companies worldwide. The data show that marketers using video see an average of a 4.8% conversion rate with video- which is almost double what the average is for websites that do not use video content (2.9% conversion.) You can check and download a copy of the Aberdeen Video ROI report in this blog.

I want to thank +Amy Gesenhues for featuring it yesterdays +Marketing Land's Daily Round-Up . Also want to thank +Ronnie Bincer for always pushing what is possible with video and #youtube #videomarketing

Video Increases website Conversions Brand Engagement ROI NYC
Use video to increase website conversions, brand engagement, recognition, trust. New York 17 Production creates commercials, corporate promo’s, live event videos.