We’re happy and humbled by the kind words Ronnie’s students have to say about him and AllAboutHangouts.com. Read on:

Sheila Hensley small“Ronnie Bincer…taught me and many others to use Hangouts on Air. It is the way to communicate with one person or speak to many with authority if you master the technology. My tagline on my G+ profile says “Love to learn; Love to teach and help others learn”. That is Ronnie Bincer. He is the ultimate teacher because he learns everyday so he can teach tomorrow.” – Sheila Hensley, Co-founder SocialWebLearning.com

mark traphagen small“When Stone Temple Consulting got into producing Hangout On Air shows, we immediately called on Ronnie Bincer for help. While HOAs are powerful and accessible to anyone, getting them set up and run right is in no way automatic. We could not have done what we did without Ronnie’s help. Now with AllAboutHangouts, that same expertise is available to anyone, and at a really great price!” – Mark Traphagen, Sr Director of Online Marketing for Stone Temple Consulting

“When someone asks me if I can provide them with resources to help them with Hangouts…all I have to do is to send them on over to AllAboutHangouts.com…it’s clear that you’ve really “nailed it.” Instead of just recycling existing material, Ronnie Bincer and Michael Burwell have hand crafted each module, complete with handouts and [Ronnie’s] world-famous explainer graphics. This is perfect for anyone wanting to become HOA proficient.” – Scott Scowcroft, The Scott Treatment

andrew hatchett small“I just wish something like AllAboutHangouts.com had been around when I first got involved in HOAs. I would strongly recommend [Hangout Foundations] to anyone new to Google+ and wanting to know about Hangouts and Hangouts On Air. The videos are clear, concise, and offer a firm foundation for anyone wanting to learn the best way to host a Hangout On Air.” – Andrew Hatchett, User2User Community

larry f small“Whether you’re new to Google Plus or a seasoned ‘vet’ as I, learning about the Hangouts component is extremely essential, especially if you want to succeed on this platform. Ronnie is an excellent teacher and is known as the G+ Hangout guru. At AllAboutHangouts He’s now offering his expertise at a terrific price. It’s finally here and I’m thrilled Ronnie Bincer has released this!!” – Larry Fournillier, Chief Evangelist of authentic Caribbean cuisine and culture. Hangouts On Air (HOA) Presenter and Producer

mia voss small“I have my own Hangouts on Air show that would not exist had I not connected with Ronnie. If you are thinking about doing your own Hangout show, you must join. Ronnie empowers me to be in the know.” – Mia Voss, Creator TheMiaConnect.com

jean layton small“Ronnie Bincer consistently has the answers to Google+’s most perplexing questions. The value I’ve derived, connections I’ve made and businesses I’ve been able to help by channeling his work all made this a prudent investment.” – Dr. Jean Layton, GlutenFreeDoctor and WingWomanProductions.com

lisa engles small“Ronnie…has completely revolutionized my business. My business has taken off and I have been able to build my online platform using Google Hangouts. The leads have been coming in like crazy because of Hangouts, and I really do owe it all to Ronnie Bincer. He really is the go-to Hangout helper guy. I call Ronnie my Hangout mentor, I would highly recommend that you join as well.” – Lisa Engles, Founder InnerState Coaching

Natalie Hill 150x150“When I was putting on my first Tap Into Money World Summit, I didn’t know what to do to make me look and sound good on a Google Hangout. Because of Ronnie, I went from scared and ignorant to professional and confident. And because of the summit that I put on with Ronnie Bincer’s help, I added 6,500 people to my list and launched a year-long program with 25 people that made a $120,000 payday for me. I could not have done any of this without Ronnie.” – Natalie Hill, Tap Into Money World Summit