Hangouts on Air or Live Streaming via YouTube changes menus

Still rolling out to the world, but it looks like YouTube has Changed where we might start our HOAs. You can still use the Google+ method to start up your HOA Events via the left sided "Hangouts" menu,… Read More

YouTube Experiments with "Live Broadcasting Animations"

I'm making up the name, but for upcoming live broadcasts (like Hangouts on Air), you may see an animated symbol on the video player. Part of the animation is captured here. If you try out YouTube's Redesigned Player,… Read More

Moving your YouTube Channel options

The ability to move your YouTube Channel to a different Profile or Page is apparently now in our own hands! Thanks very much to +Peggy K for pointing out what can and can't be done on our own… Read More

New Rules for YouTube Custom URLs

Our friend that helps us out with YouTube info +Peggy K, has written up another great post to try to address the confusing questions and concerns out there regarding YouTube URLs. Quoting from her post:Your YouTube channel and… Read More

How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website

Learn how to find the code and embed HOA videos on your website. Hangouts on Air broadcasts automatically make videos which can be embedded on your website.

YouTube Custom URLs may act differently now

Back in December of 2014 I shared a post pointing out that if you have a custom URL for Google+, then you also now have a custom URL matching that for youtube – Well, things have changed… Read More

YouTube AutoPlay – coming to a screen near you!

As Facebook seems to really push how many video views they are causing with videos uploaded to FB (due to autoplay), YouTube has decided to play that same game. This post speaks to how Marketers can possibly make… Read More

HOA Alert… YouTube Scheduled Maintenance (again)

Thanks to +Krishna De for the alert.Seems like we have another scheduled maintenance time ahead of us where Starting/Stopping Hangouts on Air will not work. Down-Time: Monday, Dec. 15, 2015 – 7 – 9pm PST / 10 –… Read More

Using YouTube to reply to Google+ Reshares (reminder)

If your G+ post includes a YouTube Video as a major component you can track the reshares of your G+ post and reply to many of them in one place… On YouTube. This is a repost from almost… Read More

Have a Custom URL for G+?… then You Have a new URL for YouTube

New options for Branding now that the connections between Google+ and YouTube have matured a bit more. More info can be found here: as a helpful post by +Peggy K… Bottom line is if you add a… Read More