Special Tool for Finding Google+ Events & HOA Events

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Removing an Event – Events, Notifications & the Events Page listing

We just had a valuable public discussion about how you can control the Event Notifications and Alerts you may be seeing. That took place on this HOA Event page: http://goo.gl/1FBV53 – as a followup… We learned another thing… Read More

Hangout on Air Event Notifications – why, how, etc

We'll be going Live in about 1 hr. hope you can attend. Originally shared by +Ronnie Bincer HOA Events, who gets Invited, Notified & Alerted and whyUsing Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) has proven to be one of… Read More

Google+ Event Notifications & Alerts – Some Settings to Adjust

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Google+ Event Notifications & Alerts – How we RSVP matters

When you choose to respond (or not) to a Hangout in Air (HOA) Event, it will make an impact on the types of notifications you get. Even when you choose to not respond, you'll still get some notifications… Read More

Google+ Event Notifications & Alerts – some samples

Once you start attending or responding to Google Plus Events, you'll find that your notifications start to show a lot more activity related to Events. This image shows some samples of the types of Event notifications you might… Read More

How to Create a Hangout on Air with a Traditional Google+ Event

This free video guide on using the Google+ Traditional Event method of running a Hangout on Air broadcast has some extra features that the other 2 methods do not. This is video 3 of 3 in the AllAboutHangouts.com… Read More

What is a Hangout on Air Event – and why should I care?

We Hangout on Air (HOA) Hosts take advantage of HOA Events all the time. This 3 min. video helps explain why. The HOA Event is a great place for people to gather to watch a show. It is… Read More

A Guide to Hangout On Air Event Notifications

When we attend or host a Hangout on Air (HOA) Event there are many ways and reasons we get notifications about that HOA Event… this article helps you understand them a bit more. The article also mentions that… Read More

Avoid Event Spam! – How to adjust Google Calendar settings

If you are getting HOA Events added to your calendar and you have no idea why, then check your calendar settings. This has been a concern for many years, and if you don't know where to adjust the… Read More