Google Helpouts Replacement – now that the service is shut down

You can still do your own privately recorded Hangout Sessions with Clients. Using the free tools provided and a way to invoice (I use Paypal) it is still possible to do private training/consulting/coaching sessions using the power of… Read More

Google Helpouts Replacement

The Google Helpouts tool/system is scheduled to shut down on April 20, 2015. If you are a helpouts provider, you can run your own… I created a way to do private online consultations using Hangouts and Hangouts on… Read More

Google Helpouts will be shutting down

April 20, 2015 appears to be the end of Google's Helpouts service. Helpouts were a way for people to offer their services via a video hangout, and Google set it up so the service provider would be paid… Read More

Helpouts can't make you money for certain places now

If you use Helpouts, you can't charge a fee for your helpouts services soon to people in certain places. Here is a quote from an email I just got re. the upcoming changes (emphasis mine)… We want to… Read More