Tips for looking better in a Hangout Video Call or HOA

Some basics that many forget about, but really do matter when you are trying to make a good impression via Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Hangout Video Calls. ht: +Yifat Cohen for finding and sharing the infographic=== ===… Read More

Hangout Training Options from The Hangout Helper

It's no secret that Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are a wonderful way to communicate your message. It's also no secret that mastering the hangout toolset can be quite technical and challenging at times. That's why this… Read More

In case you've been wondering… What's Ronnie Doing Lately?

We are almost ready to launch our first Hangout Training Product. That's why I've 'not been around' that much lately. This is part of the logo and you'll see more very soon. The website that houses the purchased… Read More