Tips for looking better in a Hangout Video Call or HOA

Some basics that many forget about, but really do matter when you are trying to make a good impression via Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Hangout Video Calls. ht: +Yifat Cohen for finding and sharing the infographic=== ===… Read More

Fearlessly Questioning Hanging Out

Starting the live broadcast in about 45 minutes.Hope to see some of you there! Press Play to watch. #ns #Hangouts #HangoutTips Originally shared by +Fearlessly Questioning Are you miscasting your tip of the sword? This is probably the… Read More

Happy New Year Easter egg for Hangout Message Box chats

Hello Hangout Fans! We have a fairly new easter egg to try out via the Hangout Sidebar message box area. When you are inside a Text Chat area of Hangouts (What I and others call a "Hangout Message… Read More

Bookmark a Hangout Video Call

When you choose the "Invite More" dialog within a Hangout Video Call you can now save the link for later. This means in essence you can "Bookmark your Hangout Video Call" and easily get the same group of… Read More