New Version of Hangout Video Calls

This change only applies to HVCs (Hangout Video Calls) and not for HOAs (Hangouts on Air). Here's the official announcement post: You'll notice that there is a very limited number of Hangout Apps available in the new interface……. Read More

Hangouts 4.0 for Android – updated hangouts app

Bug fixes… Yea! New look and more. Many of the updates already came out for iOS, so now the Android crowd can play too! h/t: +Michael Daniels More details in the linked blogpost: #HangoutsApp #HangoutsUpdate #AndroidApps Originally… Read More

Hide or Show Hangout Filmstrip Internally – new hangout option

We have a new button to click inside our Hangout or HOA interface that will hide or show the filmstrip of thumbnails for the filmstrip member(s) who chooses to use the option. It appears that the new option… Read More

New Hangouts App for Android (update)

Hope this version update helps with the stability of the app. I and many others have experienced it having 'issues' when it is kept open and the phone/mobile device goes to sleep and then wakes up. Bugs like… Read More

Mobile Hangouts App update

The Android version is first and the iOS update will come soon. Check out the post below for further details and the attached screenshots. Thanks to +Charlotte Pierce for directing me to this 'official post' on the rollout…. Read More