New Startup Page for Hangouts (all types except Hangouts on Air)

Here's the latest from the Hangouts Team is the address to check it out. All kinds of Hangout goodness on a single page. Many of us focus a lot on Hangouts on Air (HOA) – the broadcasting… Read More

Faster Connections to Phone Calls via Google Hangouts

When you want to use Hangouts via your desktop to make phone calls instead of video calls, you can connect faster now. We still can't make a phone call from within a Hangout on Air (HOA), but this… Read More

Hangouts & Hangouts on Air – how they can help you online

This 45 min. podcast interview with +Kalynn Amadio published earlier in March is chock full of helpful ideas for using Hangouts and HOAs for your business. === #HOAtips #HangoutsOnAir #HangoutsTips 114: Google Hangouts with The Hangout Helper… Read More

What is a Google+ Hangout on Air & Why is it Good for Business?

This is a great starting point for those not familiar with the power and use of Hangouts on Air and other Hangout Related tools. +Mike Allton writes up a useful article here on the basics of what Hangouts… Read More

Hangout group chat text shows above people's thumbnails now!

When you are inside a Hangout video call of any kind (HVC or HOA) you can now see the internal text chat above the video thumbnails in the filmstrip. This just showed up inside Hangout Video Calls. If… Read More

Hangouts Chrome App… diving into the settings a bit

You can control a lot of your user experience with your Hangouts Chrome App via the settings area. This 3-image graphic shows you one area that you might want to adjust. There are times when I like the… Read More

Screenshare and Hangouts or Hangouts on Air

The ability to show something that is on your computer to others is a great feature of Hangouts or HOA (Hangouts on Air). Here is a quick lesson on how to use the screenshare function:► 1. Choose the… Read More