New Options to help People JOIN INTO your Hangout Video Calls

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5 Top Tips for Broadcasting Hangouts on Air (HOA)

Here are some of my top tips that make your HOAs work better for you. HOAs are live video broadcasts. I've seen people use HOA broadcasts to do many things. They can really help you spread your message,… Read More

YouTube Experiments with "Live Broadcasting Animations"

I'm making up the name, but for upcoming live broadcasts (like Hangouts on Air), you may see an animated symbol on the video player. Part of the animation is captured here. If you try out YouTube's Redesigned Player,… Read More

Free Hangouts eBook

As +Kath Dawson has mentioned, this is an eBook to inspire you to utilize the power of Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air for your business. It focuses less on the "How-To" aspects and draws you in via… Read More

Hangouts & Hangouts on Air – how they can help you online

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Tips for looking better in a Hangout Video Call or HOA

Some basics that many forget about, but really do matter when you are trying to make a good impression via Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Hangout Video Calls. ht: +Yifat Cohen for finding and sharing the infographic=== ===… Read More

Hangout Mastery for Small Business – timestamped review

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Remote Speaking Opportunities and Building Trust

The Hangout on Air broadcasting tool offers new and exciting opportunities for Speakers to Build Trust and Influence with Video. +Eamonn O'Brien interviews me on the topic of Hangouts on Air and how they offer Speakers many more… Read More

How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website

Learn how to find the code and embed HOA videos on your website. Hangouts on Air broadcasts automatically make videos which can be embedded on your website.

HOA Tip… Check your surroundings before joining

When you are invited as a Hangout on Air (HOA) guest there are a couple screens you see before you Join Into a HOA filmstrip. The first one you see requires you to agree to the terms and… Read More