Hangouts 4.0 for Android – updated hangouts app

Bug fixes… Yea! New look and more. Many of the updates already came out for iOS, so now the Android crowd can play too! h/t: +Michael Daniels More details in the linked blogpost: #HangoutsApp #HangoutsUpdate #AndroidApps Originally… Read More

New Hangouts App for Android (update)

Hope this version update helps with the stability of the app. I and many others have experienced it having 'issues' when it is kept open and the phone/mobile device goes to sleep and then wakes up. Bugs like… Read More

More details re. the latest Hangouts Mobile app update

From the article: The predictive search and natural language recognition that power Google Now are coming to Google Hangouts… Another quote to allay any snooping fears:…everything is handled algorithmically, Fulay said. “Nobody is reading your conversations in hangouts… Read More

Mobile Hangouts App update

The Android version is first and the iOS update will come soon. Check out the post below for further details and the attached screenshots. Thanks to +Charlotte Pierce for directing me to this 'official post' on the rollout…. Read More

Hangouts Chrome App… diving into the settings a bit

You can control a lot of your user experience with your Hangouts Chrome App via the settings area. This 3-image graphic shows you one area that you might want to adjust. There are times when I like the… Read More

Hangouts Chrome App – a pictorial guide on how to use it

I've created 11 numbered and annotated images to help you find your way around the brand new Hangouts Chrome App which allows you to interact with Hangouts on your desktop instead of inside a Google+ browser window. Feel… Read More