New Options to help People JOIN INTO your Hangout Video Calls

There have always been many ways to Invite People Into your Hangout Filmstrip but lots of people still struggle with helping people enter or join the call. Perhaps that is why Google just added a few more easy-peasy… Read More

New Startup Page for Hangouts (all types except Hangouts on Air)

Here's the latest from the Hangouts Team is the address to check it out. All kinds of Hangout goodness on a single page. Many of us focus a lot on Hangouts on Air (HOA) – the broadcasting… Read More

Free Hangouts eBook

As +Kath Dawson has mentioned, this is an eBook to inspire you to utilize the power of Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air for your business. It focuses less on the "How-To" aspects and draws you in via… Read More

Faster Connections to Phone Calls via Google Hangouts

When you want to use Hangouts via your desktop to make phone calls instead of video calls, you can connect faster now. We still can't make a phone call from within a Hangout on Air (HOA), but this… Read More

Hangout Mastery for Small Business

Join us today for the live broadcast. There should be time to address questions and comments from you during the show. Thanks +RightStart Websites +John Moore & +Marilyn Moore for hosting the HOA (Hangout on Air) today! Originally… Read More

Have you struggled with how to best connect with your audience?

Please Join Us for a session aimed at Small Business Use of Hangouts on Air put on by +RightStart Websites Originally shared by +RightStart Websites Have you struggled with how to best connect with your audience? On May… Read More

Photos and Streams… new directions for Google plus?

There have been some official announcements of change, but not much detail yet as to how this will affect what we now know of Google Plus… Apparently Hangouts will also be a stand-alone product (perhaps it already is… Read More

Google Helpouts will be shutting down

April 20, 2015 appears to be the end of Google's Helpouts service. Helpouts were a way for people to offer their services via a video hangout, and Google set it up so the service provider would be paid… Read More

Google+, SEO & Hangouts

Check out this podcast interview where I discuss the journey from doing SEO and Video SEO to Google+ Hangouts. +David Resnick has done a wonderful job of bringing out some of the lesser know parts of the journey…. Read More

Fearlessly Questioning Hanging Out

Starting the live broadcast in about 45 minutes.Hope to see some of you there! Press Play to watch. #ns #Hangouts #HangoutTips Originally shared by +Fearlessly Questioning Are you miscasting your tip of the sword? This is probably the… Read More