New Options to help People JOIN INTO your Hangout Video Calls

There have always been many ways to Invite People Into your Hangout Filmstrip but lots of people still struggle with helping people enter or join the call. Perhaps that is why Google just added a few more easy-peasy… Read More

Google Helpouts Replacement – now that the service is shut down

You can still do your own privately recorded Hangout Sessions with Clients. Using the free tools provided and a way to invoice (I use Paypal) it is still possible to do private training/consulting/coaching sessions using the power of… Read More

Controlling the Broadcast Camera for Hangouts on Air

There are many ways that the Hangout on Air (HOA) Host can control what the live viewers see and what the recorded video shows for their HOA Broadcasts. Using the Cameraman App is just one of them, but… Read More

Using Comment Tracker & the Lower Third Together

The Hangout Toolbox's Lower Third app is commonly used together with the stand-alone Comment Tracker app. Here's a tip for using them together well. The Comment Tracker adds great value to your HOA by allowing you to bring… Read More

Turn the special HOA Apps on or off before you start your show

Reshare for those who missed this over the weekend… Check your HOA apps before you start your show. #ns Originally shared by +Ronnie Bincer Turn the special HOA Apps on or off before you start your showThe Scheduled… Read More

Turn the special HOA Apps on or off before you start your show

The Scheduled HOA Event tool has some special apps that are on by default. They are the Q&A, Showcase & the Applause apps. When any of these are used, they open up a special expanded video player to… Read More

Google Helpouts Replacement

The Google Helpouts tool/system is scheduled to shut down on April 20, 2015. If you are a helpouts provider, you can run your own… I created a way to do private online consultations using Hangouts and Hangouts on… Read More

Quick Reminder… This HOA Show Happens today!

Hope you can make it live, if not watch the replay We'll be discussing how Hangouts on Air (HOA) broadcasts make an impact, and when done properly are really valuable socially for the presenters AND the viewers. Join… Read More

TNTBootcamp show on the power of Hangouts as a Tool

We'll also be discussing some of the #Techniques used with Hangout on Air Broadcasts (HOAs).Hope you can make it . The HOA Broadcasting tool is rather awesome for communication. Anyone using it has their own TV Network for… Read More

Work from home or a small business not big enough for Holiday Parties?

Well why not have a party with others Virtually? We are having a Christmas/Holiday party Today for 2014 online and You Are Invited… This Hangout on Air tool made by our friends at Google+ is a great way… Read More