Notifications Tray… stays put as you jump from post to post

New update after the top-most Notification Bell turned into a circle… we have yet another bell that is below the very top for Notifications. *Note: The Notification Tray has temporarily gone away; see for details.* The new… Read More

Google Plus Reshare New format… some observations

Not too long ago +Stephan Hovnanian was pointing out that there was a new format for Google Plus Reshares. Now that it has been out for a bit I thought I'd point out an observation. I work with… Read More

Bookmark a Hangout Video Call

When you choose the "Invite More" dialog within a Hangout Video Call you can now save the link for later. This means in essence you can "Bookmark your Hangout Video Call" and easily get the same group of… Read More

Share Button added to various Google Online Properties

Just noticed that I have a new looking share button near my profile pic when on Google+, Google Calendar, Gmail &*. Pressing it opens up a Google+ post dialog box from which I can create a post,… Read More