No More Circle Shares on Google+

I can understand that with all the 'share this circle and I'll include you in the next one' spammy activity something needed to change. I've been using shared circles for quite some time to help manage important lists… Read More

Google+ Mr. Jingles changes from a Bell to a Circle

Circles are part of Google+ in so many ways… so it makes sense that the notification 'bell' has now changed to be a circle. While in a post HOA Greenroom, eagle eye +Stephan Hovnanian noticed that the bell… Read More

Pin a Post to the top of our 'posts' page on Google Plus

We've been able to pin posts to the top of our Google+ Communities for a while now, And Now… we can do that on our G+ Profile or G+ Page posts page. Thanks to +Michael Daniels who made… Read More

Google+ Reshared Posts and Notifications… update

+Mr. Jingles aka the Notifications Bell seems to have a new thing to offer us now-a-days… +Gerwin Sturm worded the update this way: Notifications for reshares of your posts now actually open the reshare instead of your own… Read More