Hangouts on Air Moves TOTALLY to YouTube!

By mid September 2016, you will not be able to start a HOA via Google+. But you can continue to start them via the YouTube Live Streaming Events area. You can see the official announcement on this G+… Read More

HOA start up via YouTube

Don't forget, you can start up your Hangouts on Air (HOA) from the YouTube Live Streaming area (Used to be called Live Events). Go there and ignore all the push to get you to use "Stream Now (Beta)"… Read More

New Version of Hangout Video Calls

This change only applies to HVCs (Hangout Video Calls) and not for HOAs (Hangouts on Air). Here's the official announcement post: You'll notice that there is a very limited number of Hangout Apps available in the new interface……. Read More

New Options to help People JOIN INTO your Hangout Video Calls

There have always been many ways to Invite People Into your Hangout Filmstrip but lots of people still struggle with helping people enter or join the call. Perhaps that is why Google just added a few more easy-peasy… Read More

WebinarJam Studio Overview for Hangout Mastery Members

We'll be having a members only overview on WebinarJam Studio (WJS) Tuesday 9/22/15. WJS expert +Jon Schumacher will be guiding the overview for us and helping me address any questions you may have. We've already done overviews on… Read More

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month

The important thing to remember if you're affected is that you are not alone. If you have prostate cancer or if you're the partner, family or friend of someone affected, it may help you to blab with someone… Read More

Sunday Morning Chat (in USA time) about Who do you Trust and how live video can make an impact

I Join the 2 Davids… +David Amerland & +David F Leopold for the conversation. Stop on by for the live session, or watch the recording. It will eventually be part of David's Video Book. Originally shared by +David… Read More

First Sign of Leaves Changing (at higher elevations) in Colorado

This is one of the reservoirs on Pikes Peak (N. Catamount). I'd guess we are at about 9,000 feet above sea level here. Some of the Aspen trees are turning yellow.     In Album 2015-09-12

Just saw this and thought it was amazingly funny, and unfortunately true


Building Trust & Marketing with Live Video

Join in on the discussion on Blab… The topic of Building TRUST as part of your video marketing efforts will be the main focus. Why does using LIVE VIDEO make a difference when it comes to Trust and… Read More