Google+ Collections – a Handy Guide to Understanding Collections

Interest based collections can be a wonderful place to gather items that interest you and your clients, customers & friends. +martin shervington and team have pulled together a slide deck here with lots of tips and answers to… Read More

Ideas and some How To Tips on Using Google+ Collections

Nice article that shows great visuals on how some businesses are utilizing Collections by +Kristi Hines … check it out! After the article published by +Social Media Examiner covers some strategic ideas on how to use Collections, it… Read More

A Guide to Google Plus Collections

This is a handy guide to using Google+ Collections with step by step screen shots throughout. +martin shervington made this for us. He also hosted a 30 minute Hangout on Air discussion today about using Collections. These… Read More

How to Use Google Plus Collections – text tutorial

Even though Collections were just launched today, some people have been quite busy documenting how to use them and make them. This one looks pretty good from what I can see. Hope it helps… thanks +Kol Tregaskes ===… Read More

Google Hangouts Help Collection

Just getting started with Google+ Collections. Here is one I pulled together that contains some helpful posts related to Google Hangouts Help postings. Collections makes it possible for me to gather similar posts (mine and from other people)… Read More

Google Plus Collections

Just launched to the public today May 4, 2015. Collections are a new way to gather together old and new posts you and others make into a focused set (collection) of posts. More details are listed below and… Read More