Desktop Hangout Messaging gets "Stickers"

The mobile app for Hangouts has had stickers along with emoticons for a while, but I just noticed that the Desktop version also now includes stickers. Stickers are larger more graphically rich images that can be added to… Read More

Hangout Mastery for Small Business – timestamped review

Take a look at the easy to follow index created here by +RightStart Websites of our recent conversation related to how Hangouts can make an impact for small businesses. Thanks to +Marilyn Moore & +John Moore for having… Read More

You’re invited to #WhoopItUp! Dreams Take Flight, where there’ll be music, entertainment, fun, prizes, other great people and you! And just for joining us, you’ll receive special Gifts

The live show today (Sunday) will start in about 20 minutes. Stop on by if you can for the #WhoopItUp HOA. Originally shared by +Expert Video Coaching and Training You’re invited to #WhoopItUp! Dreams Take Flight, where there’ll… Read More