Starting Up a Hangout on Air via a link works like it used to again

For a short time, starting up a Hangout on Air (HOA) via a link was requiring us to use the Scheduled HOA Event format… now it has returned to its former status.

Due to user feedback it appears, we are able to use links to start up Public HOA broadcasts without needing to use the Scheduled HOA Event format (SHOAE).

The link format is used by many of us to create an Event-less Public HOA broadcast. Many 3rd Party tools were also using a similar method to start up HOAs… and they have struggled since approx Nov. 6, 2014 because it forced the use of the extra tools and options with the SHOAE format (like the Applause app, Showcase or Q&A app).

Now we are able to just use the link and start up the HOA as we could prior to 11/6/14.

I created a bitly link that many use: and have helped many build specific shortcut links for Page run HOAs as well.

My bitly link points to this official Google Link:

Thanks for sending feedback to Google, and thank you to Google for listening. More details in the Hangout Mastery community
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