Special Tool for Finding Google+ Events & HOA Events

Looks like some great stuff from +CircleCount came out while I was traveling so I've not dug into the details yet, but looks quite good at first glance.

If you take a look at an event that has past you can see some details re. who was there live, commenting, attending, etc. If you look at one that has yet to happen, you'll see different info… get even more info by clicking on the "Show Details" link.

Search for a date range, a topic within a date range, and more. Cool
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Google+ Events on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new search and analysis tool for Google+ Events.

On the main page (linked above) you will find current Google+ Events. You will be able
► to check for more events on other days with a date selector
► to search for events by keywords
► add new events that are not yet in our index

Every event is linked on this page to an analysis page where you can find more information about this event, like
► the most plusoned comments on the event
► the persons/pages with the most followers having commented on this event
► all commenters of this event
► all guests of this event who are going/went to the event

What could be a better example than an event with +Mark Traphagen, +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge, +martin shervington, +David Amerland (ordered by their Google-ID 😉 )?
Check out this event by +Plus Your Business! at:

What's the first event you will add on this page?

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Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!