Shining Shamrocks

Here is a great Gathering of HOAs… and other interesting posts to check out for your weekend learning time. Thanks to +Mick Sharpe for the massive effort to do this on a weekly basis.

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Shining Shamrocks

I hope any friggatriskaidekaphobia has subsided and the Ides passed without incident for you. I also hope you’ve had a chance to partake of a little of the black and white gold and embrace your inner green this week – gotta love Paddy’s Day! I've also been enjoying the Public Service Announcements this week – in case you didn’t already know:

☑ Never place a chair under an open staircase.
☑ Never place plant pots on an open staircase.
☑ Never kick a cat!

The Public Service Announcements continue with episode 11 of the +Black Lotus * DDoS and Cybersecurity Power Talk* ( with password security being discussed by host +Mia Voss and guest expert +Gabriel Murphy. Yes it can be an absolute pain to maintain unique secure passwords for every system you use but it is absolutely essential. A look at biometrics and two step authentication to improve security as well as an overview of password generators and management systems. Well worth 30 minutes of your time.

If you haven’t realised by now my must-see show of the week is the #RayLunchBunch – 30 minutes of stimulating conversation about topics relevant to anyone in business. In Fifty Shades of Green – How to Grow Evergreen Content ( +Ray Hiltz, +Jessica Dewell, +B.L. Ochman, +Scott Scowcroft and +Randy Bowden look at the benefits of long lasting content including brand development and building authority. Some top tips about the different ways to create evergreen content through repurposing for different media and a great set of takeouts at the end. And as if to demonstrate the advice given Ray has evergreened the show in Are You Creating Evergreen Content? (

I find a weekly post such as this to be enough of a challenge for me so I have complete admiration for those who undertake a daily task. +Carolyn Capern talks to +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer about her latest daily blogging challenge in this week’s TNT Bootcamp ( I was impressed by Carolyn’s thought process as she embarked on this task and her creation methodology – always a good idea to set a time limit particularly if you’re prone to pursuing perfection. Sometimes it’s great to refine and polish a piece but often you can achieve your goal in a much shorter timeframe. Some excellent questions from Christine, Ronnie and the audience keep the #infotainment value high. Enjoy.

You’d better write for people or Google will catch up with you

Another worthwhile PYB Show as +martin shervington talks with +Brian Clark about How to become an authority! ( Just listening to how Brian developed Copyblogger will provide some valuable lessons for your own business. In terms of differentiation you can’t go wrong with write book quality content and publish it freely on your website! I particularly liked the shift from opt-in lists to a membership model – people do like to be part of a club. And for those that think everything has been done and there are no uncrowded spaces Brian shows that putting your own stamp on what you do and finding your unique audience can make the difference. Great stuff.

♪ ♫ Got to make the morning last ♬ ♩

Even though I seem to be running around like a headless chicken these past few months I do take the time to take my time and that is just what +Gina Fiedel advocates in The Slow Web Groovy Connection: Depth & Reach Or Fast Web Frenzy – Make Haste Slowly ( Building on conversations with +Teodora Petkova and +David Kutcher Gina shares her thoughts on taking the time a thing deserves. What If We Slow Down And Accept Whatever Speed Happens To Occur Naturally? Yep, I am a strong believer in it takes as long as it takes (infuriates my wife though!). Actually I think a lot of my approach comes from my appreciation of the natural world and my lifelong addiction to growing things! Read, enjoy and do view the linked videos in the blog article. Wonderful stuff and a little Simon and Garfunkel always goes a long way!

Some valuable lessons for business owners with a web presence in Understanding Online Behavior is Key for a Website Owner ( from +David Amerland. This post and the referenced piece from +AJ Kohn are essential reading for those wanting to get the most from their website. Knowing what your visitors are after at any given point is critical to keep your site, and you, front of mind when they need something else. If you can second guess their next need while satisfying their initial question then you are ahead of the game.

A revelation from +John Paul Aguiar as he demonstrates how, in 2014, he attracted 71,000 visits to his blog from his page in How Is A Branding and Traffic Powerhouse ( What surprised me was the minimal effort required on his part. It could certainly be worthwhile exploring this as a discovery vehicle. Another task on my list!

A couple of quick little tips

The first from +David Kutcher – the title says it all! When evaluating your Online Presence and how it is being reached by your customers/clients, don't forget your +Google+ Your Business dashboard ( David explains that your dashboard can reveal some interesting data that is missing from your normal analytics reports.

The next from +Ana Hoffman If you don't optimize your blog images, you throttle your site speed ( Ana shares some handy tools to keep your image size within reasonable bounds. Whatever tool or method you choose it is an important issue – your visitors may not thank you directly but they probably won’t leave your site while waiting for your images to appear!

Thinkers corner

+Bruce Marko wants us to throw away the numbers in Freestyle Content ( I think there is great value in coming at something with your own unique point of view (something that Brian Clark talks about in this week’s PYB Show too). The formulaic is exactly that, very little to set it apart from the majority of other content. The other thing I took from this piece of #MarkoKoolAid is that anything created with this freestyle approach is absolutely honest, a real piece of you, and that in itself can set it apart from all the rest.

A double whammy as Bruce also gave us three golden rules in The age of social media ( Everyone is watching you! Well maybe not everyone but certainly enough to put two and two together and come up with six. Always amazes me how many people shoot themselves in the foot when they are engaged in dodgy activities!

And finally…

Giggles galore from Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook ( Thanks to +Luc Jallois for throwing this into my stream 🙂

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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