Sending a Private Post on Google+

Here is a basic how-to article on sending private messages to 1 or more people.

"Private" means only those to whom the post is addressed get to see it.

Thanks +Dustin W. Stout for pulling this together and h/t: +Mark Traphagen for the find.
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Originally shared by +Dustin W. Stout

How to Send a Private Message on Google+
The most effective way to communicate privately

It's surprising to me how many people aren't aware of a couple small nuances when it comes to sending a private message on Google+. I can definitely see though why these small details may be overlooked though.

So I wrote this full tutorial on the optimal way to send private messages originally as a Google+ post and it has done very well. With this, it's a bit more comprehensive (well as comprehensive as you can get with this particular subject) and it features +Mark Traphagen pretty face.

So, give it a read to brush up on your private messaging on Google+ and be sure to pass it along to the newbies in your circles! You'd be surprised at how helpful intro posts like this can be!

For those of you short on time/attention, here's the cliff notes version:

– Create a new Google+ post
– Delete everything in the To: field
– Create a * Private Message * headline
– +Mention your intended recipient
– Type your message and send

In the article I give a handful of ideas for using private messages and also reference +Ben Fisher's article that gives some fantastic ideas for businesses to take advantage of this technique!

Happy plussing everyone!


How to Send a Private Message on Google+