See who comments on Events via updated +CircleCount function

If you use the Chrome Extension for CircleCount, you recently had an update that allowed you to see who the top commenters were on a post, but not for an Event. I asked them to consider making that function work on HOA Events and Bam… here it is!

This function helps you see who may be the top engagers in your events and will assist you if you plan on using HOA Events as a Networking Environment (which is a Great way to think of the event page).

Thanks for the continued updates and improvements +CircleCount you guys are awesome! Plus I appreciate you featuring my HOA on polls here in the post you made announcing this new update.
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CircleCount Chrome Extension Update
v2.4.1: Event Statistics

► (new) Comment Statistics on every event page.
► (new) Comment Statistics on event and post pages are showing now all commenters.
► (fix) Donate Button leads now to the English PayPal page.

After the last update where we have added statistics about the comments on the post pages, +Ronnie Bincer suggested to get such a statistic also on the event pages.
Such a great idea has to be done. And here it is.

We have also received thousands of comments regarding the new donate button (ok, it was one 😉 ) and now it is leading to the English PayPal page instead of the German page.
Thanks for the hint +Konstantin Lamanov!

Some links:
► Install the extension:
► Force the update: open chrome://extensions/, enable "Developer mode", click on "Update extensions"
► Check the options and/or donate: chrome-extension://gfehmiknpngmjkhiieampgfppicbncid/options.html
► Rate/review the extension:
► Share this post: you know which icon to use 😉

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