Repurposing your HOA Broadcasts – Hangouts on Air tips

This is a wonderful bookend post to +Mike Allton's series on HOAs (Hangouts on Air). Check out all the posts in the series via the links at the bottom of the articles.

This particular post focuses on many different ideas that can help your HOA find new audiences via the transformation of your own content into a 'new thing'.

There are a lot of ideas/details listed in the post!
If you are just starting out with the repurposing concept, take a deep breath as you read if it seems overwhelming at first. You can start with a single area you want to tackle first and then branch out to others as you find time or grow in your skills.

Special kudos to +Jeff Sieh for bringing this to the attention of the Hangout Mastery members and for his contribution re. HOA to Podcast transformation. Jeff says if he can do it, anyone can… do you think that's true?
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