please join me in wishing a fond farewell to +chee chew!

his leadership with making hangouts and hangouts on air the wonderful magical communications/relationship/trust building/work enhancing/no geographical boundaries tool it is, has been an inspiration to us all. we thank you for hangouts!

if you have been enriched by hangouts or hoa in any way, you can thank him & his team for making this happen.

i decided to type in his style here to honor his work in just one more small way… who needs uppercase letters anyway, right?

best of success to chee in whatever he does next, and we look forward to the continued growth of the hangout and hoa toolset with the team that chee built… onward!

Originally shared by +chee chew

thank you for hangouts

it started as just an idea and some passionate believers.

hangouts started as the idea of authentically connecting people… about letting you be who you really are and letting that shine through. i find it eternally fulfilling when i hear stories from you about how hangouts deepened your relationships… you've sent me stories of final interactions with loved ones in another part of the world over hangouts… of transitions from acquaintance, to friends, to engagement to moving miles and miles away to wedding bells… etc etc etc.

since our first release 3 years ago, you’ve pushed us to take hangouts to further and faster than i could have imagined. along the way i’ve personally spoken with many of you. you’ve blessed me personally with your stories, your feature requests, your feedback reports. all gifts i cherish.

my son is a senior this year. in a matter of months i know it will be time for him to leave home. although my heart doesn't want to see that happen, my mind knows its time. in a similar way, i look at hangouts as my family; the team here at google and all of you. and although my heart tells pulls me to stay, i know it’s time for me to try a new challenge outside of google. with very bittersweet emotions, right after the thanksgiving break i’m starting a new adventure. the thing that gives me most comfort, that lets me move on with a confidence, is the strength of the team here at google.

thank you for all your support, your passion, your friendship.

with deepest gratitude,


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