No More Circle Shares on Google+

I can understand that with all the 'share this circle and I'll include you in the next one' spammy activity something needed to change.

I've been using shared circles for quite some time to help manage important lists of people between co-workers & associates (as well as from one account to another)… but now this function is gone.

We'll need to figure out other ways to share specific names with co-workers without needing to Plus Mention/Alert them. Any ideas on that would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the update +CircleCount

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#Breaking Shared Circles on Google+: Deprecated

+AyJay Schibig and +John R. Ellis have told us about the missing share buttons on the circles page. After checking our database we can confirm that there haven't been any new shared circles in the last 1.5 days.

The Top Contributors +John Elstone, +Marc-André Beauchamp and +John Skeats have confirmed that the shared circles are being deprecated.

Shared Circles have always been pretty difficult.
Sharing a circle is a pretty useful feature. You can help a new Google+ User get a good starting point without having to use the SUL (=Suggested User List).
But it was also used often in a bad way ("reshared to get included") which led to unrelated/uninterested new followers.

Regardless of what you think about shared circles, it feels pretty strange that this feature is being removed. At least our service isn't called SharedCircleCount, so that we don't have to worry about loosing this feature 😉

What do you think?
Is it a good or a bad move?
Will it help improving the engagement on Google+?

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