New Options to help People JOIN INTO your Hangout Video Calls

There have always been many ways to Invite People Into your Hangout Filmstrip but lots of people still struggle with helping people enter or join the call.

Perhaps that is why Google just added a few more easy-peasy options to invite people into your Hangout Video Call or Hangout on Air (HOA) filmstrip.

You can now press a Gmail "M" logo or press a G+ logo to have the invitation link automatically included in a Gmail Email message or a Google+ Post respectively… who sees that email or post is up to you.

You'll see these options after using the "Invite People" icon at the top of the video call interface (1) if you are the HOA Host or it is a Hangout Video Call.

Learn more about hangouts of all types via a self-paced video training course ( ) or via an Interactive Membership Community ( ).

Maybe Blab, and its ease of getting people into the 'video room' has encouraged this update.
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