New Hangouts App for Android (update)

Hope this version update helps with the stability of the app. I and many others have experienced it having 'issues' when it is kept open and the phone/mobile device goes to sleep and then wakes up.

Bugs like that I guess are hard to squash, but I know Google Engineers know about it and have been working to clear it up.

Downloading it now.
h/t: +Denis Labelle & +Stephen Sabludowsky for the pings
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Originally shared by +Dennis Kiilerich

Today, we're updating the Hangouts app for Android.

Since our last release, our main focus has been to improve stability and performance and we’ve addressed lots of the feedback and suggestions that we get from you!

We've also made lots of under the hood improvements that will allow us to build even more great features going forward.

Enjoy the new release and stay tuned for more!