New Gig for +Sarah Hill – a Visionary

Many of us met Sarah when she started using hangouts as part of her NBC live newscast… we were the 'peanut gallery' most of the time and chatted with her about the news and stuff during the commercial breaks.

Sometimes she would bring us live into the broadcast too! Those were the early days… Then she moved on to a wonderful company called +Veterans United where she championed hangouts as a way for veterans to connect, to virtually travel and many other things in support of #HumanMedia .

Next, she is doing her own thing with a startup called Story-Up – read all about it here.

My New Gig in Virtual Reality
You’re doing what? It may sound a little nuts to leave a job at a great company with great people to create content for a cardboard box. But in August 2015, I’ll follow my heart, hold my breath and jump into uncharted territo…