New Focus for Google+… a history & prediction

This is a wonderful article if you want to read up on where G+ started, how it seems to be transitioning and predictions for its future.

+Mark Traphagen does a great job reminding us ole-timers and bringing newbees up to speed on how this platform is evolving. Thanks to +Marketing Land for publishing it.

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Will the New Google+ Focus Bring Success?
My latest for Marketing Land

In my latest +Marketing Land column I cover the history of Google+ and look at its three ghosts (couldn't resist): The Ghost of Google+ Past (the Gundotra Vision), The Ghost of Google+ Present (the year following Gundotra's departure), and The Ghost of Google+ Future (the recently announced changes under new head +Bradley Horowitz).

I give my take on why the recent changes have happened, add some speculation about what they might do with the new focus, and as always, give my opinion on what this means for marketers.