Match Game in a live Hangout on Air

This Sunday March 1st at 7pm PT/10pm ET come check it out.

Let's see if I can handle the competition! I'll be included along with +Heather Kraafter (head to head against her!), +Michael Daniels hosting the thing & +Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Jeff Sieh +Sherrill Duce +Terry Leigh Britton +Jessica Dewell trying to trip us up… er, answer the questions!


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Game show in a Hangout
Playing a game in a hangout can be great fun. Playing along side in the Event comments can be just as appealing!

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Our inaugural Game show "Playing with Matches"
So come watch Sunday night at 10pm Eastern. And watch as +Ronnie Bincer and +Heather Kraafter compete while trying to match these fine folks… +Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Jeff Sieh +Sherrill Duce +Terry Leigh Britton and +Jessica Dewell
…in hopes of getting the most matches and a win!

HISTORY of our game show idea
We have been having game night in a couple of our communities on Friday nights for a few months now.
So a couple of us have decided to put together a show (HINT: maybe a few shows) for the public to see, watch and participate.
If you are interested please come out and watch. Come join the
NEW Game show Community:
This will be tons of fun and should be very entertaining.

As always I send this to the Game Show community so you get an invite. I also have a game show circle I send this to and do not want to be SPAMMY . So if you want out of the circle or the community, please let me know.
Also, if you share this event with other people please make sure they want it! I really don't want to be Spammy!!