Marketing in an Attention Based World – Your Story and How it is Seen

As usual, +David Amerland offers some deep thoughts we can learn from here…

As clips or frames of a film are gathered together in our minds as telling a story, so are our messages we send out to the world as marketers.

Our brain, it seems, constantly acts like a semantic machine chunking up information and like Google’s predictive search “…cuts your visual stream of consciousness right before your eyes jump and joins it to what comes right after.” Just like the marketing message that we synthesize around a brand “The movie playing in your mind’s eye may feel smooth and continuous, but that’s an illusion manufactured by your brain.”

Check out the article linked below from David's website. h/t: to +martin shervington's PYB community wrapup for the link to David's post.

We talked about the role of a Personal Brand Representative (who can help personalize a brand and tell its story) in a recent HOA Broadcast with +David Amerland and +Mark Traphagen here:

Good stuff all around, hope it helps you focus on the crafting of your story.
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