Lots to review from the past week via the Plus Your Business community

If you are not currently a member there, here are a few things that you may have missed. Go visit and ask to join http://goo.gl/QpLimS
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‘Plus Your Business’ Community – Weekly Roundup!
Check out the top stories, questions and announcements from your fellow PYB Community members. Read more…

Three posts you may have missed from the PYB team

1. Marketing In an Attention Economy … by +David Amerland http://plusyourbiz.com/ia
2. Keeping it Real… How Brands get Personal via Social Media … hosted by +Ronnie Bincer with +Mark Traphagen +DavidAmerland/about http://plusyourbiz.com/iq
3. Google Plus Marketing Circles and Communities … by +martin shervington

For the entire thread see post link…
1. Q. “Google Plus Reshare New format… some observations” from +Ronnie Bincer
2. Q. “How To Change Settings In A Public Google+ Community” from +martin shervington http://plusyourbiz.com/ig
3. Q. “Super Smart ‘Google Apps Management’ Tip“ from +Stan Bush
4. Q. “Google+ Mr. Jingles changes from a Bell to a Circle ” from +Ronnie Bincer http://plusyourbiz.com/i6
5. Q. “Google Maps Available In Google Drive” from +Stan Bush http://plusyourbiz.com/ih

And some exciting things in the community include…
1. FREE PYB Academy Level 1 Space Camps!
Hosted by +martin shervington. Jump in and learn something new before the end of the year! Now is a great time to join this (still) free community and learn more than just the basics about Google+ for business.
Join here: http://plusyourbiz.com/levelonecommunity
2. “Need a Boost Launching Your Business on Google+?” Our one-on-one personalized FastTrack System will make sure you're set up right, and ready for business! Find out how: http://plusyourbiz.com/g2
3. “The PYB Show”! On Hiatus for the Christmas and New Year Holiday.
Watch Last Week’s “Top That Tip”! for excellent tips on Google+ and more from +Stan Bush +Travis Taylor +Debi Davis +Wayne Brett +Christian Karasiewicz & +Karen V Chin
Watch Here: http://plusyourbiz.com/ij
4. "The Plus Before Christmas" An excellent version of a well loved Christmas story from +Stan Bush http://plusyourbiz.com/ii
5. Visit our PYB Social Media Channels:
Join thriving conversations & network with other G+ community members
LinkedIn http://plusyourbiz.com/ez
Facebook http://plusyourbiz.com/fb
Twitter https://twitter.com/PlusYourBiz

6. Must read or watch articles you may have missed from PYB Collaborators recently!
a. “Love the 'Plus Your Business' blog this year? Nominate it on Social Media Examiner!” http://plusyourbiz.com/ic +martin shervington
b. “Hashtags Explained: The Complete Guide to Hashtags in Social Media” http://plusyourbiz.com/if +Rich Brooks
c. “How important is mobile to your local business”? http://plusyourbiz.com/ik +John Dietrich

“Welcome to The Google Maps Santa Tracker!” by +Google http://plusyourbiz.com/io
Developer Elves are hard at work preparing the technology that powers Santa’s sleigh around the globe

That’s our week in review! Great to see you all this week and can’t wait to see what the next 7 has in store. Cheers!



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