Live Video Streaming Ideas for Business

The folks at +Social Media Examiner have posted 6 Ways/Ideas on how businesses can take advantage of live video streaming.

The focus of the article is on why live video helps you connect with your audience, and they highlight some of the newer players in this live streaming area: Meerkat & Periscope.

Many of us also know that live streaming like this (from a mobile phone) can also be done via Google Hangouts on Air (HOA). For info regarding HOA from Mobile devices including an equipment list you'll want to check out, check out this post & video on the topic:

The Equipment list featured on the link above can be used for Meerkat, Periscope and Hangouts on Air, so check it out after reading this article on 6 ideas for using Live Streaming Video for Business.
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6 Ways to Use Live Streaming Video for Business |
Have you considered apps, like Meerkat and Periscope? In this article you’ll discover six ways live streaming video helps you connect with your audience.