July 2015 Q&A Session on Hangouts (members only)

Just wanted to remind our Hangout Mastery members (summer time has lots of distractions) that our Q&A session for July is happening tomorrow… July 1, 2015.

Link to the members only HOA Event: https://goo.gl/59MJyU ..

We'll be covering your questions as we do each month, and I plan on making sure the fairly new 'hide filmstrip' option is understood properly as there is still some erroneous info out there as to what it really does.

I also plan on doing an overview of what Crowdcast offers us at this time (a fairly new HOA 'wrapper' program)… and based on feedback we'll decide if we want to go further into Crowdcast in a future training session.

The Video Player is now loaded up so you can test it out if you like on the Event Page (linked up top). See you soon!

If you're not a member but want to check it out, visit www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery