How Video Conferencing is working with Education

The use of 'synchronous video communications' has already made a big impact to the "Expanding Classroom".

I've been a proponent of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to help expand collaborative learning opportunities in all areas… but one of the most obvious places where it can make a wonderful impact is in the classroom.

For years I've been training others to help "Make the Technology Disappear" with hangouts, and it is wonderful to see a similar phrase being used in this article: … the students had come to a point where they were so comfortable with the technology that the tool was no longer the barrier. It was now the world they were comfortable living in. (emphasis mine).

Read up on the wonderful ways that live videoconferencing is making an impact in the classroom via this fantastic article.

Thanks for the original share goes to +Donna Murdoch and to the alert for me to +George Station.
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