How to Embed HOA Videos on Your Website

Adding videos you work so hard to create to your website lets visitors watch them on your site and then they will hopefully look around and find other things on your website that interest them. If you’ve wondered how to embed HOA videos on your website, then you’ve come to the right place, keep reading for the details.

When we Host a Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcast, the broadcast will automatically turn into a YouTube video. This article will help you learn how to take that HOA YouTube video and embed it on your own site. It is possible to even add the HOA video onto your website before your HOA broadcast begins as pictured below. In essence you are displaying a video on your site that doesn’t ‘exist yet’, but when someone visits your page and clicks the video’s play arrow, they will see a countdown timer and text telling them that the show is ‘coming soon’ or to ‘please stand by’.

HOA Video Embed on a website

A HOA video embedded on a website. Click to enlarge image (opens a new window).

What Will They See?

Visitors to your site will see a video player and a play arrow to press. If they arrive to watch the video before the HOA broadcast has begun, then they see the countdown timer as mentioned above. If they arrive during the HOA broadcast time, then they get to see the live streaming broadcast. And finally, if they arrive to view the embedded HOA Video on your site after the broadcast has ended, they get to watch the recorded video of the broadcast.

Where to find the Embed Code for the HOA video

Depending on how you initially setup the HOA broadcast, the process of finding the HOA video’s embed code will vary. If you started it via the Google+ Hangouts menu, you’ve used the Scheduled HOA Event tool and getting the embed code from there is pretty easy.

If you started building your HOA broadcast from the YouTube Live Event Manager (the more manual way) then there are a few more steps to finding the embed code of the video but it is not that hard if you know where to look.

Embed Code from a SHOAE

SHOAE is an acronym for Scheduled Hangout on Air Event. When you build your HOA using a SHOAE then the HOA video is automagically included on the Event page, but we want to get the same video embedded on our website, so go to the SHOAE landing page and look at the “Details” area. On the right side of that area is a thing called “Links”. Click that and you’ll see 3 different fields as pictured below. The Event page’s URL, the YouTube video link, and the HOA Video’s embed code.

HOA video embed code from SHOAE

Copy the HOA video’s embed code and paste it into your site’s editor area and you’re done with the HOA video embed part.

Embed Code from a HOA video started via YouTube Live Event manager

If you built your HOA from within the YouTube Live Event manager, then you need to get the YouTube video URL to start the process. Yes, they could have made it easier but they didn’t. The Title of the HOA ‘event’ is the link to the video. Click on the title and you’ll end up on the YouTube Watch page for that HOA video. You can also right-click on the title and copy the URL from there, but either way you get there, you want to land on the YouTube Watch Page for the HOA video.

HOA video embed code from youtube

Finding the HOA Video Embed code from a YouTube watch page. Click to enlarge (opens a new window).

After you’ve landed on the YouTube Watch Page (1), scroll to the area below the video player and click on the (2) “Share” area. Then click on the “Embed” word (3) and you’ll see the embed code you can copy and paste into your site’s editor.

A Faster Way for Future HOA Embeds

After you’ve created one HOA video embed on your site, you can copy that code to another page and just make one small edit to end up with the new embed code for another HOA video.

There is a unique set of 11 characters for every YouTube video. It is part of the embed code as well as part of the YouTube video link. Find it at the end of the Video’s URL or as part of the ‘full embed code’, copy it and replace the prior video embed code’s unique characters.

YouTube URL and Embed code
Take a look at the graphic above that shows the code and look at the highlighted characters. That’s the unique code you can copy and paste moving forward.

HOA Video Embed Code Summary

So now you know how to find the embed code for your HOA Videos from YouTube and use that code for your website. You also know what to edit in the code for the next time you want to show a different HOA video embedded on your site.

To be sure you get the best possible quality with your HOA videos, you’ll want to be sure you have a firm grasp of the foundations for running hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA). This site offers step-by-step online training so you can focus on your message instead of the technology when doing all your hangout activity. Click here for the tour of what we offer. – Training You for Hangout Success!

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  1. Thanks for the info. We embed the YouTube SHOA in a post in our Google+ Community so questions and comments can be posted before, during and after the HOA. This content development improves traction. It’s all about conversation.

    • Dear Myrtle, You have a great model for interactive community HOAs, thanks for sharing some of the insights with us all. Someday I’d like to feature how you use HOAs within your Genealogy community for everyone to see.

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