Hide or Show Hangout Filmstrip Internally – new hangout option

We have a new button to click inside our Hangout or HOA interface that will hide or show the filmstrip of thumbnails for the filmstrip member(s) who chooses to use the option.

It appears that the new option is only visible at certain times and only makes a visible change to the filmstrip member(s) who choose to use it.

It works for both HVCs (Hangout Video Calls) and HOAs (Hangouts on Air). There are plenty more details on what this means which we'll be discussing and documenting inside the Hangout Mastery private community… join us for this members only community via www.bit.ly/HangoutMastery

The Bottom Line
This added option (2) gets the filmstrip out of the way for Internal Participants.

Announcement and Help posts respectively:
http://goo.gl/o3o42F & https://goo.gl/Xi2mCI

Thanks for the alert on this change goes to +Peggy K & +Monika Schmidt ref. https://goo.gl/kgv6e2

Thanks for helping me test this out goes to +Andrew Hatchett & +Michael Daniels – more testing to come 😉
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