Hangouts and Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

In this video (part of our Free Training Series) Ronnie walks you through the Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid. You can apply Ronnie’s wisdom, tips and tricks to any and all your video conferencing or teleseminar/webinar endeavors.

The Hangouts on Air top 10 mistakes to avoid are clearly listed in this fast paced video. You’ll learn why they are problems and what to do about it to avoid those mistakes. This free video will help you understand some of the important aspects of Hangouts, but there are plenty more details you’ll want to know to ensure that your Hangouts and Hangout on Air broadcasts will work well for you.

We provide this training to you here at so you can advance in your knowledge of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air as quickly as possible. This information is vital to your reputation as well as professionalism and you get it here absolutely free! Ready to learn more? Check out the Hangout Foundations course on sale now.

10 Comments on “Hangouts and Hangouts on Air Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Ronnie-

    These are terrific and – reflecting proof that you always deliver more than you commit to do – you have actually provided an 11th Tip you didn’t even promote. It was within Tip #3 that you mentioned it….Engagement. In far too many HOA, Hosts seldom invite or address questions in the stream.

    OK maybe I’m just sensitive about this point since I’m GUILTY and CONVICTED! Trying to change that though – – through “professing” we all do better….

    Great to see you getting systematic (“set it and forget it” education). Your new venture can (and I’m sure) scale. Thanks, Ronnie, for all you’ve done for me this last year+. I wouldn’t be where I am except for your assistance.

    • Jim, I too am glad we met and look forward to future activity/ventures together. All this via the power of Hangouts!

      Yes, I truly believe that the real power for those using Hangouts on Air to broadcast comes in with the interactive component. It adds so much value to the viewers as they can be ‘part of the show’ and also see that these are ‘real’ people behind the brand.

      Of course you’ve got to build that audience first, and there a lots of ways to do that… many of which come into play via other people’s shows. All part of the paid training here.

  2. Ronnie,
    #10 build audience before the show?
    Why I can find them? send invitation to my email list?

    • ichu,
      You can send the link to your show (either the YouTube link, or the Event Page link) to your email list. That way you are inviting the audience you’ve already created to come watch the HOA show. All that sharing can happen before your broadcast goes live.

  3. Excellent tips Ronnie. I just finished the course and really appreciate the way you and Michael set this course up. First class. When are you going to do a training to show us how to create a well laid out course like this one?

    • Glad you like the way we present the training materials David. We just rolled this product out and still have more to reveal with it, so it may be some time before we look at a different course like you’re asking for. But thanks for the great feedback, glad it is meeting your needs and beyond!

  4. I purchased Hangout Mastery but did feel lost. Thanks for putting this beginner course together.

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  6. Excellent comments. Thanks for this. One point that might need a bit more though at my end: maybe some other people like me have to do it as a one-person show with limited resource, and assembling a team might be harder.

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