Hangouts on Air or Live Streaming via YouTube changes menus

Still rolling out to the world, but it looks like YouTube has Changed where we might start our HOAs.

You can still use the Google+ method to start up your HOA Events via the left sided "Hangouts" menu, but if you were used to starting up your Hangouts on Air (HOA) broadcasts via the YouTube interface, that is/will be different moving forward.

Live Streaming
The image below shows the change. The "Live Streaming" grouping visible via the Creator Studio now contains an Events menu which is replacing the Live Events menu that used to live under the "Video Manager" grouping.

Updated Streaming options
We can still use the Google+ HOA option to broadcast the easy way (known as "Quick") with others included in an interactive filmstrip. But there is a new version of Live Streaming still identified as "Custom" or started via the new "Stream now [Beta]" menu choice pictured below.

The updated "Stream now" choice of live streaming seems to be aimed at the Gamers market, and includes an option to "Optimize for Interaction (low latency)".

What it means for HOA Hosts
More to come as we see more roll out, but for HOA Hosts that use the YouTube Interface to start up their HOA Broadcasts, we'll simply need to look for a new menu grouping within YouTube (pictured here).

To learn why you'd use one HOA startup option (YouTube) vs. another (Google+) join into the Hangout Mastery paid membership

h/t: +Heather Kraafter for the alert to the change and for sharing her screen with me.
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