Hangout on Air-like feature added to Meerkat

Hangouts on Air have been a wonderful place to easily broadcast a live video stream that includes many of your friends & co-workers.

Now Meerkat is adding a "Cameo" feature to their mobile broadcasting tool which allows others to join in and 'take over the screen'. Read more about it in the featured post from +Mashable below.

Those familiar with Hangouts on Air (HOA) would likely see this option as adding the ability to let others interact visually as part of the broadcast. Currently those Cameo Appearances can only last up to 60 seconds (at a time).

A fellow Hangout Mastery member, +Krishna De, is doing a demonstration on how this might work for an interview-type broadcast initiated via her iOS mobile device. Check out details about that here:

Meerkat’s new Cameo feature lets other users join your video stream
Meerkat has a host of new features, including the ability to let other users “take over” your video stream.