Hangout on Air Control Room App allows for non-host assistance

As usual when preparing a live training session for Hangout Mastery members, I learned something new about the tools we have. In this upcoming training session we're covering most of the ways you can Control the Broadcast Camera in a Hangout on Air (HOA).

Since the Control Room app came out long before we had the "present to everyone" function, I had not realized how the new function was now incorporated into the 'older tool'.

If you've run any active HOA Broadcasts you know how busy you can get with the tech, never mind trying to keep up with the content or message of the broadcast. Having a team help you is very important!

This is one more area where you can share some of the hosting responsibilities with others… no special requirements for their account, they can just assist if you share some of the controls via the Control Room app. And I wasn't thinking that the Control Room offered much help for Camera Control… I was wrong and I'm glad I poked at it a bit more.

Of course I was helped out by fellow Hangout Mastery member +Michael Daniels as he had already discovered what I stumbled upon here.

A few Hangout Mastery members joined me in the filmstrip so I could take a bunch of screenshots and verify things before presenting the members only training which takes place here:

Thanks to the other Mastery members for helping out:
+Monika Schmidt +Susan Finch +Andrew Hatchett +B.L. Ochman +Sheila Hensley +Krishna De & +Melinda Moses

Join us in the Hangout Mastery membership areas… you'll be glad you did if Hangouts on Air are part of what you do
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