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No stones on the pond

Well another week and another feature retired. Yes ripples are gone. As ever some strong feelings in the community, mostly from those in marketing, for whom Ripples were a very useful tool. As much as we may criticise Google’s decisions at times I can understand why they have removed the feature. +Eli Fennell shares some sensible thoughts on the retirement in Google+ Ripples Are No More ( If you are wondering how you’re going to cope without ripples then never fear +Circloscope ( and +NOD3x ( have you covered and provide a whole lot more besides!

The recent changes to Google+ are also touched upon in this week’s The PYB show! ( Join +Travis Taylor, +martin shervington and +David Amerland as they discuss the forthcoming Android TV with the emphasis on voice search. The streamlining of the Google+ experience across all access points is discussed, ie the recent changes remove desktop-only features of Google+. Interesting as ever to speculate where the big G is heading. Always at the cutting edge of what’s happening +Plus Your Business! will keep you bang up to date.

Learn with Yoda

A great start to +The Curious Marketer With Vin’s new series The Fundamentals of Online Marketing with +Vincent Messina pulling in the Black Knight, +Ammon Johns for Session 1 – Understanding Marketing and Marketing Strategy ( A really sensible explanation of the differences between objectives, strategy and tactics – I know, should be obvious but confusion abounds in the real world. I would hazard a guess and say that most people just starting out in business needs to grasp, at the very least, Ammon’s point to avoid competing on price. It’s a miserable place at the bottom so why hurry to get there? Also some really sensible discussion about putting your, presumably limited, resources where it matters most. Particularly relevant to your social media efforts – if your customers aren’t on Facebook or Google+ then you’re probably better off spending your time (and/or money) on something else. Really looking forward to the rest of this series.

More great business advice from +Randy Milanovic in When we know customers aren’t right, and don’t tell them so, we are almost karmically bound to suffer as a result. ( I think this falls into the realm of a business being confident enough to do the right thing. Just as it is all too easy to fall into the race to the bottom, we’re the cheapest trap (see the event above) we can become just as encumbered by taking on projects that we should have left alone or remaining silent when we should challenge our customers’ perceptions or approach. Randy hits the nail on the head – you will suffer in the long run if you don’t deal with issues that put the relationship out of balance. Some great quotes in the post too, particularly the last line attributed to Lyndsay Peters. Thanks Randy.

If you’re a big fan of social sharing on your WordPress site then you should probably take a look at this week’s TNTBootcamp – Social Warfare ( +Christine DeGraff and +Ronnie Bincer are joined by the team behind the Social Warfare plugin, +Dustin W. Stout, +Nicholas Cardot and +Jason T. Wiser. The team have put a lot of effort into controlling how your blog posts are shared across all the social platforms allowing customisation of images and text within a single plugin. Dustin gives a useful overview of the plugin setup. Take a look – it might be just what you need.

With a title of Is Content Curation Lazy Content Marketing? how I could I not include this week’s #RayBunch ( +Brooke Ballard joins +Ray Hiltz, +Scott Scowcroft, +Randy Bowden, +Jessica Dewell and +B.L. Ochman to talk about content curation. I think we all agree that whatever your terminology content that we share should have value for your audience otherwise we are just adding to the noise. As Scott highlights: it’s all about the relationship building – it’s that personal touch which is the tie-breaker. Besides the great conversation you need to watch this for Ray’s musical turn at the end of the show – close your eyes, it’s Billy Joel πŸ˜‰

Thinkers corner

Common sense seems to be de rigueur this week, further demonstrated by +Stephan Hovnanian’s Can Deflategate Make Us Better Marketers? ( Stephan uses a recent scandal in sport to illustrate the fact that only a few people are actually vested in any subject matter – to the rest it’s either noise or invisible. Faced with this reality and the increasing content overload Stephan recommends a re-evaluation of how vested you are in the topics that take up your time and sums it up with a cracker of a bullet point: Prioritize time spent on Income Producing Activities, and simply not care about the rest. It may be a hard pill to swallow but there’s no denying the logic. Are you spending your time effectively?

And finally…

Well three actually, and all animal related! The first from +David Amerland showing why it’s unwise to sneak up on someone on a forest track! Don't Mess With the Swedes (

The second from +James Dearsley is a marvellous time lapse video of the life stages of a bee. ( I’ll not get on my Insects are Important soap box but just let this stand as a fascinating testament to the wonders of life.

The last piece, and one that makes me appreciate living in the relatively safe UK. It’s common knowledge that many of the world’s most dangerous animals call Australia their home. +Paul Snedden shares this post about an Orphaned Drop Bear Cub (

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