Google+ Poll Dimensions for multiple choice options with an image

For those who missed our Hangout on Air today about using Google Plus Polls here is the event link: .

+Dustin W. Stout has kindly shared his helpful image template you'll want to use in that event and right here.

If you don't design the main image for your G+ Poll properly, the bottom buttons will sit on top of your main image and cover up a lot of the lower part of your main image… which sometimes makes the purpose of the poll a bit difficult to understand.

Use this as a guide to create better looking polls.

Watch the 30 minute HOA we just finished for more details about polls
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Originally shared by +Dustin W. Stout

Full Sized Google+ Polls with One Image

If you're creating polls on Google+ and want to know the exact dimensions for a poll with one image and 5 poll options, use this blueprint.

You want to make sure you give enough room at the bottom of your image to make sure the first button/option doesn't cover anything vital up.

Also, to fill in the background of the 2-5 poll options the image will be duplicated and blurred out.

Happy polling!

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